Communication & Roster Management

Manage your classes and stay in touch with parents through the Moment mobile apps and web dashboard. Use calendars and targeted student invitations to customize your own Moment experience for your parents and staff.


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Accept signups and applications for your programs on Moment. Enhance the parent experience with Moment's simple Stripe-powered payment system from your organization's own dedicated page.


*You can set up Free programs on Moment with no Registration Fee. Only programs with a Price are subject to Moment & credit card fees.

**Non-Profit Pricing is available at 1.5% for Pay as You Go and $1,999/Year + Fees. Moment uses Stripe for credit card processing. Stripe is considered the most reliable and secure credit card platform globally.

Moment Features Communication Features* Registration Features*
App & Online Post Creation X
Photo & Video Sharing X
Urgent Communications X
Newsletters X
Post to Multiple Programs X
Push Notifications X
Direct Messaging X
Session & Calendar Creation X X
Program Calendars & Holiday Management X X
Attendance Tracking X X
Roster Management X X
Multiple Admins & Staff X X
Application Management X X
Dynamic Pricing X
Flexible Payment Options X
Daily & Drop-In Registrations X
Recurring Payments X
Custom Add-Ons X
Registration & Membership Fees X
Custom Questions & Waivers X
Auto-Populated Forms X
Promo Codes & Discounts X
Quick Payments & Charges X
Secure Payment Processing X
Reports X

*Communication and Registration can be used together for a complete platform

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