Parent communication, class management and signup


Preschools are often children’s first time away from home. Both parents and children may experience mixed emotions, both joy and delight in becoming more independent, as well as a level of anxiety being in a new environment. Consistent communication is an effective way at building trust to make the transition seamless.


Moment makes the on-going, dynamic communications with parents easier. The parent communication app allows urgent posts, newsletters, calendar events and quick updates to happen in seconds. Combine this with our class management tools to keep everyone up-to-date and organized. Add-on our online signup to create preschool applications, setup summer camp registration, and handle tuition payments all in one place.

How do summer camps work

Parent communication

Moment’s parent communication app facilitates the on-going, dynamic communications between preschools and parents. Send updates in seconds, or schedule and prioritize different types of communications. Parents receive information via email, push notifications, or exclusively in the app – it’s up to them. 

Schedule Posts

Schedule welcome communications and curriculum updates before school starts. Posts, including photos and video, can be posted immediately or scheduled to go at a specific time.

Calendar Updates

The class calendar is always up-to-date and accessible on mobile. Update events on the web or in the app. It’s that simple.

Urgent Announcements

When an announcement or reminder is urgent, send an Important Post. This sends an email, push notification, and a post in the app immediately.

Direct Messaging

Deepen the connections within your community by making it easy for families to connect with one another while maintaining their privacy.


Preschools are constantly keeping various groups informed about schedule changes, policy adjustments, or even additional charges for specific events. Our class management system makes the day-to-day logistics seamless, giving you more time to focus on partnering with parents and kids.



Create draft posts and schedule the specific date and time for them to be delivered. See how teachers and families are engaging with one another and learn which posts are most popular.



Search by students, parents or teachers and move them from one class to another, such as beforecare or aftercare. All posts, calendars, and rosters are immediately updated. 

Quick Payments

and Refunds

Schedule additional payments and refunds for before care, aftercare, t-shirts and more. Payment occurs within 48 hours.



Update calendar events as needed on the web or within the communication app. 

Redwood Grove School

Online Signup

Preschools use our add-on registration system for preschool applications and summer camps. Now you have one platform from the time you first receive an application to when a student graduates from your program. With all the information in one place, financial management and reporting are that much easier.

Preschool Applications

Create your preschool application including everything from customized questions to application fees. Easily track if applicants have completed tours and manage acceptances, rejections, and waitlists. Assign students to classes when ready.

Summer Camps

Create custom questions, waivers, pricing, promo codes and discounts. Setup age or grade requirements, capacity limits, and waitlists. Even customize your payment options and add tags for easy search.


There is power in numbers. Review enrollment, engagement, and financial reporting by class and download to analyze further.

Roster Management

From last minute registrations to parents changing authorized pickups or medical information in the app, everything is immediately updated. 

Case Studies

See how our partners have transformed their camps into communities.


Cow Hollow School

Preschool program for children ages 2-5

Cow Hollow School is a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool focused on play-based and experiential learning. The school believes strongly in parent participation in all aspects of the child’s life, including their time in preschool. Cow Hollow School uses Moment’s communication app to highlight the wonderful activities the children do each week and build a sense of school community between child, parent and teacher.

Mr Ds Music Club
Tree Frog Treks



Spanish immersion preschool with five locations

¡HolaKids! uses Moment to build community and share not only the Spanish vocabulary and songs, but also the rich cultural values of a wide-range of Spanish-speaking countries. Moment is their sole communication tool across their five locations.