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Parent Communication

With dedicated posts, calendar, and in-app messaging, Moment makes parent communication easy. As an admin, teacher, or parent, you see the content that is specific to your programs.


Engage parents like never before. Short updates with photos and videos showcase your program experience and bring smiles to every family. Create newsletters, journals, and welcome posts for longer-form content and deeper engagement. Use Important Posts when something is urgent to ensure your families are notified of last minute changes. 

Welcome Posts and Newsletters

Longer form posts are often used when welcoming families, creating class journals, or sharing monthly newsletters. Easily format your message and place photos anywhere.

Important Posts

Whether it is a cancelled class or a broken water pipe, certain information should be received quickly by parents. Use Important Posts to notify parents across channels, including email, push notifications, and creating posts on the feed.

Photos and Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Share photos and videos to convey the joy and focus of the students. It only takes a moment. 

Schedule Posts

Take advantage of slower times by scheduling posts. Schedule introductions to teachers, holiday reminders, and curriculum updates. 


Keep teachers and families in sync with a single calendar. Update the events on the web or within the communication app. Choose to notify parents of any new events or event changes. It’s seamless.

Customized Calendars

Everyone stays organized with their own customized calendar of classes, camps, and events. View the events aggregated across all programs or choose to view the events of a specific program. 

Calendar Notifications

Whether an event has been added or a location has been changed, admins and teachers can choose to send notifications and emails to let families know.

Desktop or Mobile Updates

Enjoy the convenience of updating calendars on your desktop or mobile device. It’s simple to keep calendars up-to-date. 


Cultivate, encourage and strengthen relationships by giving families and teachers a way to directly connect with one another on a 1:1 or group basis. 

Instantly Connected

Families and teachers are connected as part of the class or camp community. Direct messaging instantly gives this community a way to plan play dates, carpools, or ask specific questions. 

Building Community

Direct messaging makes it easy to reach out to the entire class to plan a gift for a teacher or invite students from different programs to an upcoming birthday party.

Respecting Privacy

Within Moment, no private information, including last names, email addresses, and phone numbers, are shared with families. We encourage community building while respecting everyone’s privacy. 

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Whether you use Moment's communication app only or add-on the registration system for a complete platform, Moment streamlines the logistics and deepens your relationships with families keeping the kids as the central focus.