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class management

It takes a lot of work to manage the day-to-day logistics of kids’ activities. With our class management tools, administrators, teachers, and parents spend less time on the logistics and more time focused on the kids.


Rosters are dynamic. Make accommodating families’ needs seamless, so your program stands outs in its flexibility and professionalism. 

Sophisticated Search

When a family leaves a voicemail with limited details, search by class, student, parent, or teacher to locate the information you need.

Dynamic Rosters

Moving or copying students from one class to another within Moment is elegantly simple. Reimburse or charge families as needed.

Actionable Database

Your best customers are repeat customers. Evaluate your enrollments across your different programs. Discover your most engaged families and reach out with special offers.

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Content Management

With the Moment communication app, photos and videos that are shared often become part of the fabric of family interactions at the dinner table, in the car, and during quiet moments with the kids. As an administrator, see what is being shared with families, learn how they engage, and optimize the content to deepen the relationships.   

Parent communication Content Management app


Stay connected to each family by sharing the mission and goals of each program, schedule reminders of upcoming events, and solicit feedback. See what teachers and counselors are highlighting and learn how families engage.

Track and Learn

Explore engagement metrics to see which classes and camps are most engaged and which posts are the most popular.


Sometimes a direct email from an administrator or director has the biggest impact. In Moment, send emails from your personal email address as needed.

Calendar Management

Schedules are naturally prone to change. Ensure that families and teachers are always up-to-date with Moment’s integrated calendar management system that syncs with the communication app.

One Calendar

One calendar is shared with all. Everyone stays up-to-date on the details and can always get directions. Admins and teachers choose whether or not to notify families of specific changes to the calendar.

Dynamic Events

Moment’s calendar is designed for all types of schedules. Add repeating class schedules, special events, week long camps or monthly meetings. 


Create the holidays for your organization. Apply these designated holidays to all your classes or a specific group of classes. Any events scheduled during a holiday will automatically be cancelled.

Additional Payments and Refunds

Tired of waiting for invoices to be paid? Use our QuickPay feature to charge parents for additional items like extended care, t-shirts and lunches. Receive payment in two days.

One-Off Payments and Refunds

Quick Pay

Charge families one-off payments for extended care, t-shirts and lunches. Receive payment in 48 hours.


On Moment, we follow-up on outstanding payments on your behalf, saving you time and money. 


Refunds are quick and easy. Locate the family, tap the refund button, and input the refund. It’s that simple.

Payment Tracking

Track payments by class and by student. See successful, pending, and failed payments. 

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Whether you use Moment's communication app only or add-on the registration system for a complete platform, Moment streamlines the logistics and deepens your relationships with families keeping the kids as the central focus.