Case Study: Tree Frog Treks

Tree Frog Treks is an outdoor camp with multiple locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their program staff develops a unique summer camp curriculum each year and relies on dedicated summer camp staff to run the camps. Moment helps program managers share the camp experience and program details with families even when they aren’t able to connect with families in person each day at camp.

Tree Frog Treks Moment Parent CommunicationTree Frog Treks is organized as many camps are, with reliable summer staff working directly with the campers and year-round staff ensuring the program always has fresh topics and activities to offer. This can make it hard for program staff to connect with parents directly, as they go from camp to camp to support the summer staff, and they often miss the opportunity to talk with parents. Moment has offered an invaluable communication tool to the program managers to share their philosophy about the program, introduce staff to parents, and delve deeper into the educational aspect of Tree Frog Treks’ curriculum.

The value for Tree Frog Treks using Moment is that the organization can show parents how unique the camp is and what an incredible experience the kids are having. It’s not everyday you get to pet a python after all! The photos posted highlight the diverse activities throughout the week from nature hikes to art projects and science experiments to caring for reptiles.

“With the Moment app, parents don’t miss out on all the awesome adventures we have at camp. It’s one thing to hear about the reptiles we have met, but to actually see a picture of your son or daughter with a centrailian python around their shoulder – well, that takes it to a whole new level.” 

– Kit Huntington, Education Director, Tree Frog Treks

Tree Frog Treks Parent Communication on MomentTree Frog Treks saw 70% of parents actively engaging with their posts each week. This is a higher percentage than most emails they sent in summers past. With a new way to engage parents, Tree Frog Treks could see the parents’ enthusiasm, answer questions quickly in the comments or direct messages, and showcase their unique offerings.

Now, going into their third season of summer camps using Moment, Tree Frog Treks knows they can offer real value to the families who attend their camps. Parents can download the fun photos for a keepsake, stay informed throughout the week, and become an advocate for the camp as they engage with other parents. Moment’s power to drive word of mouth marketing is an inherent attribute of the communication app and is helping them grow.



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