Case Study: Mr. D’s Music Club

Goal: Deepen relationships with families and increase repeat campers

As a small business owner of Mr. D’s Music Club, Stephen Duffy takes on all the tasks of running a summer camp. There is no detail in which he is not involved. Relief came when Stephen started using Moment for parent communication. In the first week of camp, he saw a significant and positive shift in his relationships with families.

Mr D on Moment Case Study SmallPrior to using Moment, Stephen would send out emails leading up to the first day of camp and during the camp to highlight what the kids were doing and the work they were putting into their end of week performance. Stephen always questioned if the emails were effective in getting parents engaged in his program. He soon realized after implementing Moment how lacking the emails were in building excitement around a show or highlighting the fun activities the kids were doing. Rather than sending a recap at the end of the day, Moment helped Stephen send fun posts throughout the camp day. He included photos of the kids working passionately on their art projects and videos of them rehearsing their dances with the professional choreographer. These along with posts with links to songs on Spotify, posts by camp staff, and the ability to get important information out quickly helped Stephen build a strong sense of community in each week of camp for the first time. This is something he’d been trying to achieve for years, but just couldn’t quite capture with emails.

Mr D on Moment Case Study Small2As the camp week continued, Stephen noticed parents were having more engaging conversations at pick-up or drop-off, asking detailed questions about the art projects, or inquiring about how Stephen could get the kids excited to sing a song they had been trying to introduce to their child for years with no luck. More importantly, Stephen noticed that parents became increasingly excited about the end of the week show as it got closer. He said this is so important for the kids, because they are SO excited about what they have built and produced together. The parents’ excitement added to the atmosphere of the show and made it a special experience for the campers. Finally, Mr. D’s Music Club’s end of camp shows didn’t feel like an obligatory event for parents to go to, but rather THE event to attend. This kids LOVED having this experience.

“When I first started with Moment, I honestly wasn’t sure how to get started or why it would be an added asset to my camps. With a few friendly pointers from Moment staff, I was off and running. Now, Moment is the first app I go to! I found that direct, secure communication with parents really helps them feel part of the program. I can share live video clips and photos, as well as keep them informed of events and more. A year in and I feel like I’ve only just begun to tap into the usefulness of Moment, which is very exciting. So far, I’m very happy with the experience Moment has brought to my camps.”  

– Stephen Duffy, Owner, Mr. D’s Music Club

Moment offers more to Stephen than just parent communication. He uses the entire platform to run his business for his camps and after school classes. Stephen found having everything in one place to be an added convenience.

“I’d been looking for a registration system that fit all of my needs, and more, to help simplify the hectic nature of running a summer camp. I’ve tried several different systems, but felt they often fell short of what was promised. I’m not super tech savvy and don’t have a lot of time to learn a complicated system to do simple things. When Moment reached out to me and told me about the communication app and registration system on one platform, I was ready to listen.”

– Stephen Duffy, Owner, Mr. D’s Music Club

Now, Stephen can set-up new classes or camps, receive online payments processed by Stripe, post to families in his active programs, schedule events on the calendar and manage everything in one place. For a teacher running a business on the side, this is a big deal. Moment saves Stephen time, money and frustration by offering a platform solution for his business that connects him easily with an active and engaged audience – his customers.



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