How to Make Remote Learning Effective and Fun!

Spring 2020 has been a period of transition for educators, families, and children. We’ve learned to engage differently with each other, offer more support and encouragement, show more patience and understanding, and hopefully, laugh more. Each day offers us new lessons and insights as we progress through this time together.

Moment Remote Learning

Educators and program administrators transitioned to accommodate social distancing, shelter-in-place orders, and other challenges as a result of COVID-19. It is truly inspiring to see educators and program administrators adjust so quickly and bring both children and families consistency in remote learning, stability of relationships, and a sense of joy and gratitude each day. 

At Moment, our mission is to build community around children. We have been inspired as teachers and enrichment providers, as well as parents and children, have not only embraced and risen to the challenge of remote learning, but reimagined how to connect, learn, and have fun together, while apart.  

Here are a few highlights.

Continuing Lessons With Videos

Videos are an important tool that educators use to transition seamlessly into remote learning. On Moment, teachers upload videos and outline learning objectives in one post. Because posts are aggregated in a single, private feed, parents and students view the videos whenever they want. Parents can watch the videos with their children, providing an opportunity to learn, create, and imagine together.

Videos help programs continue their lessons with barely a pause showing fun how-to activities to keep kids busy and sending heart-felt messages of comfort and support while shelter-in-place orders are in effect.

Moment Video for Remote Learning

The familiarity and connection students feel through videos is impactful as they adjust to new routines. Hearing a familiar voice, sharing a laugh, and seeing a friendly smile from someone you trust goes a long way toward processing our new world and staying connected.

Building Community With Photos

Sharing photos in posts remains popular. Now, with schools closed and friends far apart, we see engagement with photos expand in new ways.

Moment Photo Sharing

Families go into Moment to check the newest posts for lessons, projects, and activities. They return to upload photos of their child’s creation with the group. Other parents share their own photos or post comments of encouragement, bringing full circle the power of community.

Moment Parent Engagement

Photos also offer the children in the program an opportunity to stay connected through remote learning. One family created a sidewalk chalk obstacle course for their friends to run through for exercise. They posted a photo of the course encouraging their friends to try it out. The children in the program who did participate included a photo of thanks with a warm smile and wave. The interaction captures a moment of connection and friendship.

Web Parent Communication Dashboard

Moment is a private and secure platform, which gives families and educators confidence that the images are shared only among the families in the program or classroom and not on social media.

Simplifying Logistics with Calendars and Reminders

Shifting to online learning presents a new set of challenges for educators and administrators. Logistics shouldn’t be one of them. 

Teachers schedule posts for specific dates and times. They outline the topic of the day and weekly goals. The post and corresponding calendar event includes a link, such as Zoom or Google Hangouts, to access the online program. 

Moment Parent Communication Schedule Post

Each program or class has its own calendar, so families can simply open the calendar event on their phone, tablet or computer to access the link for class. Automatic calendar reminders are sent 1 hour before the event and provide a quick prompt to join. The program calendar can also be synced with personal Google calendars.

Moment Remote Learning Zoom Meeting

Any forgotten information or urgent updates are posted as “Important Posts” so that families receive this information in their email inbox and as a push notification. Teachers who must make last minute changes to their calendar event use the “Notify Parents” feature to ensure that families receive the most up-to-date information right before class. 

Moment Calendar Notification

On Sundays, families receive a Weekly Digest of upcoming events as a simple reminder and organizational tool as they juggle the multiple remote lessons, programs, and classes their children transitioned into for the remainder of the school year.

Transitioning and Supporting a New Normal

We do not know how long this new normal will last. Regardless, Moment is committed to the individuals and organizations who dedicate their time and resources to providing quality children’s programming.

We know many after school programs, camps, class providers and educators have been impacted by COVID-19. If you have questions on how to get started with online programs or would like to hear more about what other organizations are doing in this regard, please reach out to Moment. We are happy to talk with you and offer suggestions or ideas on how you can offer online programs to bridge the time between shelter in place and meeting your students, campers and kids in person once again.

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