Case Study: Houston Humane Society

The Houston Humane Society offers a unique camp experience. Campers get to offer hands-on care for the shelter’s animals, meet community experts that discuss some of the challenges Houston area animals face, and observe a simple surgery.

The Intention of Moment

Houston Humane Society and MomentThe Camp Director, Chloe, wanted an easy way to share the campers’ experiences with their parents. Since Chloe was busy in camp everyday, she needed a fast, convenient, and versatile solution. She opted to use the Moment app exclusively.

The mobility and ease of using the Moment app helped Chloe manage the campers and their interactions with the animals. At the same time, she was able to provide real-time posts showing all the fun and learning to parents throughout the day.

With the Moment app, Chloe could take photos, write a quick blurb, and post quickly. She could also answer inquiries in the comments, send out reminders for the next day, and be responsive to private messages from parents without losing a beat in camp. Chloe estimates that she spent no more than one hour per week of camp on parent communication.

The Moments of Houston Humane Society

Moment gave parents an inside-look at how the Houston Humane Society’s camp engaged the children.

  • 10-12 posts were shared each day. This took an estimated 10 minutes or less.
  • Photos were taken and shared using the Moment app, highlighting campers interacting with all types of animals – cats, dogs, donkeys, horses, possums, snakes, owls, and even mini pigs.
  • Collaborative projects, such as building cat houses, making dog treats, and playing group games, were shared.
  • Guest speakers and their good work helping build community among the animal organizations in the Houston area were featured.

Houston Humane Society and Moment Parent Communication

Through pictures and videos, parents could see the empathy and care the children provided to the animals. Knowing a little bit about a speaker gave parents an opportunity to ask their children what they learned. Families expressed to Houston Humane Society how much they appreciated the camp photos and updates, and how these posts transformed how parents talked with their kids and even other families about the camp.

An added benefit for Chloe was seeing how quickly her relationships with the campers and parents developed. In years past, these relationships would take several days to form, just in time for camp to be over. Chloe appreciated the sense of community in the camp and the parents’ sincere interest in what the Houston Humane Society and the featured community organizations were doing. 

Parent Engagement and More

Moment proved not only to be an easy platform for Chloe to use, but also proved to be easy for parents to engage. They could check out posts at anytime throughout the day and not miss a thing. Parents also:

  • Downloaded photos and videos of their child’s experiences as keepsakes
  • Asked questions in posts so all families could view responses
  • Looked forward to the engaging posts rather than relying on emails 

Houston Humane Society Parent Communication

Chloe is already thinking about the different ways to use Moment in Houston Humane Society’s camp program next year. She may post questions to parents to get their perspectives, schedule posts to send morning updates about what the kids will be doing, and add events to the calendar so parents and campers know what to expect each camp day. 

Using the Moment app took our camp to a whole new level! With Moment, I posted pictures each day of the campers interacting with the animals at camp, and the parents couldn’t be happier. Asking kids how camp went is one thing, but being able to see their kids brushing a donkey or feeding a mini pig was worth a thousand words.“ 

~ Chloe Hamilton, Camp Director, Houston Humane Society 

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