Case Study: ¡Hola Kids!

¡Hola Kids! Preschool is a Spanish-immersion preschool that celebrates diversity, culture and learning across 5 locations. The preschool uses Moment to streamline communications between parents and staff in a thoughtful, consistent and meaningful way.

The Intention of Moment

¡Hola Kids! Preschool implemented Moment’s communication platform to enhance parent communication across multiple locations. Additionally, they wanted to support teachers’ desire to focus on the students, rather than field billing and administrative questions. Hola Kids Moment Parent Communication

¡Hola Kids! Preschool encourages their families to download the Moment app. When parents are checking classroom posts, they can go to the roster and reach out to anyone listed, including staff, teachers, and even other parents. They can also see what’s happening on the calendar, which is dynamic as different events are added. Giving parents and teachers a single place to connect has made everyone feel like they are part of the ¡Hola Kids! community. They know where to go to share moments or reach out to the appropriate people. 


The Moments of ¡Hola Kids!

Some important keys to building community at ¡Hola Kids! Preschool are consistent posts from the classroom and easy to access program updates, so everyone stays informed. 

  • Daily classroom activities with photos highlight the inventive curriculum and the creative teaching staff
  • The Kindergarten Ready! group helps parents, with soon to be TK/K students, stay informed about school tours, the application process, and deadline reminders.
  • Calendar events, along with reminders, keep parents and caregivers informed so they don’t miss a thing – especially the wonderful cultural celebrations the school does throughout the year.
  • Staffroom updates help teachers and administrators share wins, standard approaches, and stay connected across the five locations.

Hola Kids Moment Post Share

One of ¡Hola Kids! goals is to foster and build community in each school and across the five locations. They accomplish this with transparency, kindness, enthusiasm, dedication, and love for their connectedness. Parents see this each and every day in the posts created by ¡Hola Kids!, giving parents ways to participate, extend the learning at home, and most importantly, express their appreciation for the school, staff, and community.

Community Building and Family Engagement

The family engagement of ¡Hola Kids! Preschool is evident when looking at some statistics.

  • 100% of the students’ caregivers at ¡Hola Kids! use Moment to stay up-to-date. 91% of the caregivers use the Moment app, and 9% use the web to view posts and calendar events.
  • 97% of the children attending ¡Hola Kids! have at least one caregiver who has downloaded the Moment app. 
  • 80% of ¡Hola Kids! families have invited additional caregivers to their child’s classroom communications to be a part of the school community and stay up to date on events.

Hola Kids Sharing Moment

We all know it’s challenging for preschoolers to remember their daily experiences. A quick visual prompt of a photo is often all a child needs to start talking about their school day. ¡Hola Kids! Preschool provides this for families with a series of fun and informative posts throughout the day. Parents experience these moments virtually, providing an opportunity to extend the learning at home and deepening their connections to their child’s day. 

¡Hola Kids!’ community leads to lasting partnerships with parents. It takes a village and building a strong home:school connection provides the foundation for the transformative preschool years.

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