Case Study: Cow Hollow School

Cow Hollow School is a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool focused on play-based and experiential learning. The school encourages parent participation in all aspects of the child’s life, from teaching in the classroom to co-learning with children through following the children’s interests. Cow Hollow School uses Moment’s parent communication to highlight the wonderful activities the children do each week and deepen the community connections among the children, parents and teachers.

Cow Hollow Preschool

Through a combination of posts and journals, Cow Hollow School shares how each class is engaging and goes in depth to describe the developmental processes of the children as they explore their independence, role within the community, and interact with their peers and surroundings. Parents stay involved in their child’s daily learning. As teachers post, parents are informed and can comment to share their own experiences, deepening the home-to-school connection. Prior to Moment, Cow Hollow was using email for school communication, but it was difficult for staff to determine if parents were engaging with the content. Now, with Moment, the school sees a significant improvement in the teacher-parent communication flow and the evidence of parent engagement and participation.

“Moment allows us to easily communicate with our parents. We now provide quick, daily updates and our parent engagement has never been better.”

– Trevor Valentino, Assistant Director, Cow Hollow School

Moment offers a newsletter/journal feature which is a critical component of Cow Hollow’s parent communication. With the longer-form content, teachers are able to dive deeper into the class experience providing parents with insights that impact their child’s growth. With the newsletter/journal, Cow Hollow can accurately describe scenarios in the classroom, including specific formatting to identify children’s quotes and inline photos to tell the story scene-by-scene. Parents access the newsletter/journal on the Moment app or via email depending on their preference.

As with any preschool, scheduling events is a big task. Moment’s calendar features makes it easy to add classroom specific activities, school wide holidays and closures, and parent-only discussions and learning opportunities. Parents have the Cow Hollow calendar on their app. They can see a monthly calendar overview, a list of upcoming events, and the full details of events including driving directions. This has been an important feature to keep busy parents informed and notified of important schedule changes.

Cow Hollow is looking forward to using Moment in the coming year to help them stay on top of school logistics, keep parent engagement high, and build a deep sense of community within each class and across the school.



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