Case Study: Classroom Matters

Classroom Matters offers 34 language and math after-school classes to 8 elementary schools throughout the school year. Moment streamlines their online registration process and provides their staff a direct communication tool to inform families about the week’s curriculum, fun games/projects to do at home with their child, and the progress the class is making. Moment bridges the home-school connection that can be so hard to achieve for programs. 30% of families engage directly with posts through comments or likes and others reach out directly to the staff with a Direct Message. Moment offers additional convenience for Classroom Matters with a private staff room where weekly curriculum and activities are shared so teachers stay on the same page and pace.

Classroom Matters on Moment smallMoment’s communication app has saved the After School Director, Dounia Lomri, tons of time and has made communicating with staff and parents extremely easy because it can all be done on one app. Before Moment she was using three different systems to handle communication and registration. Now, she relies on only one: Moment. Dounia likes that she can connect with each class, even though she can’t be there herself. She can see the class posts, teacher updates and fun photos and get a real sense of what is going on in each class.

Communication between parents and teachers has improved thanks to Moment. Teachers share photos and class content each week, which helps parents feel involved in the process of learning. 

– Dounia Lomri, After School Director, Classroom Matters

Classroom Matters on Moment small 2Classroom Matters also uses Moment’s online registration system. Because their sessions follow the school year calendar and run from September to May, it was important to the organization to offer installment plans for families. With Moment’s online registration system they can decide how many payment options parents can choose from and currently offer a monthly, bi-annual or quarterly option. If a parent’s card expires, it’s no problem. Parents are prompted to update their card information and reminded until they do so. Classroom Matters receives 95% of their scheduled payments each month. This is a huge turnaround for them from the days of invoicing and waiting for payment. With Moment’s installment feature, Classroom Matters knows they’ll get paid in a timely manner, but they can also make the class affordable and accessible to their families. It’s win/win!

Moment is incredibly helpful to us, as it is a platform where parents, teachers and administrators can communicate, schedule and plan. Registration and payment have been easier for us as a company since we started using Moment, as parents can sign up directly and pay for the classes, either in one payment or multiple payments spread out. 

– Dounia Lomri, After School Director, Classroom Matters

Being a very busy organization Classroom Matters relies on Moment staff to set-up their classes for online registration, facilitate parent questions related to Moment and even step in to help set-up promo codes, installment plans or other quick needs. Each fall, Classroom Matters has a lot of enrollment changes as they fine tune the class schedules at each school based on enrollment numbers. They are able to do this quickly with Moment’s easy to use class management features like moving kids to a different class or copying their info into a second, last minute addition. But, Classroom Matters also knows that Moment is here for them and ready and willing to help because we are partners. 

At Classroom Matters, we offer before and after school enrichment programs to over 150 students, across the Bay Area. Managing a big program at so many different schools can be challenging, which is where Moment comes in.

In addition to bettering our registration and communication processes, Moment has dedicated staff that is always ready to help, whether it be creating a new class on Moment, or assisting one of our clients with tech questions.

Thank you Moment! We love doing business with you!

– Dounia Lomri, After School Director, Classroom Matters


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