Bringing All Program Pieces Together

Moment’s parent communication keeps staff, class providers and families up-to-date on the logistics and connected to the activities happening in each program. Class management tools keep things organized, and online registration makes enrollment easy.

Parent Communication

After school enrichment providers do not often have opportunities to connect with families. This is a missed opportunity to share the learning that is happening in class and build relationships with families that may want to participate in future programs. Moment fills this gap by giving after school enrichment providers an easy, engaging way to connect with innovative parent communication features.  Start developing powerful word of mouth marketing about your program and see your enrollments increase.

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Schedule Posts

Schedule specific posts including welcome communications to curriculum updates before classes start. When your programs start, you’ll have more time to spend with the students while increasing engagement.

Urgent Announcements

When an announcement or reminder is urgent, send an Important Post. This sends an email, push notification, and a post in the app immediately.

Highlight the Kids

Teachers can share quick highlights from the day with short posts, photos, or videos. These posts are one of the best ways to engage parents and extend learning at home.

Direct Messaging

Connect directly with families and help families connect with one another. Let a new parent know what their child did and get both parents and children hooked on your program.

Class Management

Whether you are a PTA member coordinating enrichment classes at an elementary school, a program that transports kids to your location each day, or a provider who schedules multiple teachers at multiple locations, easy-to-use management tools are a must. Moment’s class management tools streamline day-to-day logistics so you can focus on creating a positive, lasting impact on the students.

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Content Management

Create draft posts and schedule the specific date and time for them to be delivered. See how teachers and families are engaging with one another and learn which posts are most popular.

Roster Management

Assign teachers to classes so they can set up their class calendar, post to families, and review their rosters. Use our sophisticated search to find students, parents or teachers and move them from one class to another.

Payments and Refunds

Schedule additional payments or refunds to collect material fees or reimburse for a cancelled class. Payment occurs within 48 hours.

Calendar Management

Add recurring class schedules, holidays, and special events in your customizable class calendar. Edit events on the web or on your phone.

Online Registration

After parents register their students, they can use the communication app to see the class schedule, read posts, and connect with teachers or other families. Teachers and administrators use Moment to see caregivers, emergency contacts, authorized pickups, answers to customized questions, and agreements to waivers in one place. Online registrations start your program down an easy path.

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Simple Signups

Create custom questions, waivers, promo codes and discounts. Setup age or grade requirements, capacity limits, and waitlists. Even customize your payment options and add tags for easy search.

Easy Payments

Registration payments drop into your bank account two days after purchase. Use QuickPay to charge parents for class supplies or t-shirts and receive payments in two days.


Review enrollment, engagement, and financial reporting by class. Find out which classes are the most popular or most engaged.

Roster Management

From last minute registrations to parents changing authorized pickups or medical information in the app, everything is immediately updated.

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See how our partners have transformed their classes into communities.

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