Tap into the moms you trust.

And the moms they trust.

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Introducing Moment.

Moment is a mobile app that brings your trusted community of moms together. Start with the moms you already know and trust. Build the trust among the moms they know and trust.

Start with the moms you already trust

Who else understands your challenges or shares your victories? Moms you depend on. Moment is the place where you feel connected.

Your Moment Moms can live just around the corner or halfway across the country. Wherever they are, Moment extends your reach and lets you tap into the very best of what moms have to offer.

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A mom's helping hand

Our vision is to make your life as a mom easier, and to create a community that inspires you every day. Our mission is to filter out the noise and help you get dependable answers, valuable advice, and creative ideas.

Ask questions, provide answers, and share insights. It is your Moment Moms who help to create everyday wins in each other’s lives.

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Share or sell

Share or sell what your child has outgrown. Is it all piled up? Can you barely open the closet door? Another Moment family is waiting to make new memories with that stroller or bike.

It’s never been easier to let some of that stuff go. Share on Moment. It’s just one more way that Moment Moms help one another.

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When I first became a mom, I didn’t understand how my life would change. I had too many questions and not enough answers. Sound familiar? There were plenty of places to ask questions or post a picture. But where could I get the answers I wanted the most? That’s when I decided to create Moment.

A solution.

With Moment, the answers are a click away. By tapping into your network of Moment Moms, you get reliable information fast to make your whole life easier. Why? Because your Moment Moms care and have the experience to help. They make all the difference.


It’s not about searching. It’s about connecting. Reaching out to your trusted moms and developing a deeper friendship with their trusted moms feels amazing. Something powerful happens when moms come together and share what they know.